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“Don’t Walk Distracted” Sign

Flashlight / Pen Volunteer
Recognition Gift 10 pack

Plastic indoor/outdoor sign with drill holes for posting. 7 x 10” (9 in stock)

$10 Donation for 1 sign includes shipping

A simple way to say “Thank You”.

$ 25 Donation for 10 sets includes shipping

Distracted Driving Game Set

Holiday Mocktails Booklet

An interactive way to demonstrate the distracting effects of texting while driving.

Game Set w/electronic version of game board
 $ 5 Donation includes shipping of game pieces and emailed pdf file of game board

Game Set w/laminated print out of game board
$ 10 Donation includes shipping

Print-ready PDF file with your logo added to cover
(we will contact you after you place your order about this option)

Click here to view the online flipbook:
Holiday Mocktails Booklet

$ 5 Donation

Note: If you belong to an Oregon Traffic Safety Group resources are available through Safe Communities Grant funded by ODOT-TSD. Please contact us for details.

CSSRC Calling Cards

Callers often tell us of the struggles they have finding the Child Safety Seat Resource Center. Please help us get the word out. 

This card prompts caregivers to call for information on free child safety seat events and for answers to questions about child passenger safety. 

Cards can be displayed in the convenient holder on office counters or just handed out.

100 Cards $15.00
250 Cards $30.00
500 Cards $50.00
750 Cards $70.00
1000 Cards $90.00
2000 Cards $180.00
CSSRC Cardholder
2 in stock

 To order calling cards by check or money order, please use our downloadable order form

Huggable ImagesSAFETY Training Dolls

Huggable Images™ SAFETY Training Dolls

Huggable Images™ SAFETY Training Dolls
(Clockwise from top, left) 8 yr. old, 6 yr. old,
3 yr. old, 16 mo. old, Infant, Preemie

Huggable Images™ has created this set of training dolls to be used to teach accurate fit and proper installation of child safety seats.

SAFETY Training Dolls

  • Cost effective solution for Child Passenger Safety training.
  • Dolls weigh less than 10 lbs.
  • Firm torso that doesn't collapse
    during seat belt demonstration.
  • Varied skin tones to represent diverse ethnicities.

The Child Safety Seat Resource Center is working with Huggable Images™ to promote their custom designed safety training dolls to CPS Technicians. 

We use Huggable Images ™ dolls at:

National Child Passenger Safety Certification trainings, 

CEU classes, Introduction to CPS classes, child safety seat check-up events, and educational presentations and displays. 

At check-up events the infant doll demonstrates correct adjustment for expectant parents.  The 4’9” doll is used to illustrate the importance of using booster seats.   

Our dolls get well used.  Please support the Child Safety Seat Resource Center by ordering Huggable Images™ SAFETY Training Dolls. Each order provides the Child Safety Seat Resource Center with credit toward the purchase of additional dolls. 

Huggable Images™ SAFETY Training Dolls
8yr. old, 6 yr. old, 3 yr. old, 16 mo. old, Infant, Preemie

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