Prevention Education

Our dedication to education drives us to be visible in the community. Youth are our prime audience followed by supporting and educating parents about the conversations to have with their kids. Oregon Impact offers a variety of interactive programs that can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Our mission is to decrease the occurrences of driving impaired or distracted.

Distracted Driving - Get Your Brain in the Game!

Every day more than 15 people are killed as a result of a distracted driving crash - either as the cause of the crash or the victim of a distracted driver. Distracted driving takes many different forms, from drinking your latte to simply reaching for your cell phone. Oregon Impact can bring a program to your school or organization that is both fun and engaging for students to understand that their brain simply can't do two things at once. Students will do hands on activities that help them understand the limitations of their brain and how it reacts when you attempt to multitask. We present all learning styles-visual, auditory and tactile to ensure that students understand why their brain can't operate their car and their phone at the same time.

Operation Prom Night

Oregon Impact in partnership with numerous public safety agencies have conducted a variety of graphic, hard-hitting and life-like DUII crash reenactments before more than 30,000 high school students. We work with the students participating in the program at each school to present a live DUI crash reenactment in real time. From the sound of the crash to the last fatality being removed in a body bag, students see for themselves the consequences of one bad choice.

Mobile Educational Crash Car Trailer

Designed to start conversations with young drivers our Mobile Educational Crash Car Trailer contains a car from a fatality crash in Redmond. For most of us, we will never see a car that has been in a terrible crash. In this case you can see close up the devastation that a impaired driver can cause. This stand-alone exhibit has been used by parents to initiate talking with their children about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving.

Simulated Impaired Driving Experience

Oregon Impact believes that one of the key factors in ending impaired & distracted driving is providing educational experiences. A valuable training aide in this process involves SIDNE®, which stands for Simulated Impaired DriviNg Experience.

The course operator allows the vehicle to have power through the use of a hand-held remote controlled transmitter aimed toward a receiver on the vehicle itself. The only other functions provided by the transmitter operator determine the maximum allowed speed, emergency braking should the driver not respond appropriately, and a switch changing the vehicle from regular to impaired mode. Other than that, SIDNE® operates exactly like an automobile. The fact that the transmitter operator makes the switch to impaired mode without the driver’s knowledge effectively demonstrates the oftentimes real delayed effect of intoxication. In the real world, vehicle operators may sincerely believe they are sober enough to drive since they are not feeling the effects of the alcohol. Their condition however is subject to rapid and unexpected change. Suddenly, without warning, they become disoriented and sluggish in their response to real stimuli, often ending in disaster when it happens behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Persons who do not wish to drive may still get in on the SIDNE® experience. They ride with a driver, just as a passenger in an ordinary vehicle. After a simulated crash, the passenger is asked questions such as how it felt to be a passenger in a vehicle being operated by an impaired driver and having no direct control themselves. Their poor decision to ride with a person who is impaired may alter their lives as well, or even end it.

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